AG-AI Workshop Tentative Program

Developing and adopting IoT/AI/ML techniques and applications in agriculture is challenging but highly important. The significant variability and complexity of agricultural systems are key challenges. The workshop will focus on big data acquisition and AI/ML-based analytics in PA. The emphasis will be on the application of data science approaches in PA. In the workshop, we will present state-of-the-art IoT/AI/ML methods, tools, and applications and consider how these can be applied to enable more sustainable agricultural practices. The workshop sessions will occur on the first two days, July 18 & 19, followed by a professional tour on July 20.


Day 1 – July 18, 2023
Opening session- GREETINGS8:30-9:30
Session A9:30-11:30
Coffee Break 11:30-12:00
Session B (Part 1)12:00-14:00
Lunch Break 14:00-15:00
Session B (Part 2)15:00-16:40
Coffee Break 16:40-17:00
  Session C (Part 1)17:00-18:40
 Opening Dinner 20:00-22:00

Day 2 – July 19, 2023
Session C (Part 2)9:00-11:00
Coffee Break11:00-11:20
Session D11:20-13:20
Lunch Break 13:20-14:20
Session E14:20-16:20
Coffee Break
Session F - Panel Discussion16:40-17:30
Driving from Beer-Sheva to Nazareth18:00-20:00

Day 3 – July 20, 2023
  Driving from Nazareth to Newe Ya'ar, The Model Farm7:30-8:00
Neve Ya'ar- Local tour of infrastructure in the Model Farm8:00-10:00
Coffee Break 10:00-10:30
Studies in the Field Crop Platforms of the Model Farm10:30-11:10
Presentation from Agrilight Ltd11:10-11:30
Opening of the first discussion session
Lunch Break12:30-13:30
Roundtable 1:  Group Discusions13:30-15:00
Roundtable 2:  Joint Discussion15:00-16:30
 Workshop summary and closure
Driving from Model Farm to Tel Aviv